“Where’d All the Good People Go?”

Sometimes the Jack Johnson song “Where’d All the Good People Go?” seems like a fitting theme song for the world. Attacks in France, Syria in turmoil….the list goes on. Sometimes it makes you want to say “Where [did] all the good people go?” IMG_2300

The “good people” start with us. We have to be the “good people.” Christ, “went about doing good”(Acts 10:38). None of us will ever have the influence that Christ has had in the history of the world, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying.

Part of the problem is discouragement. Sometimes we feel inspired. We feel like we could take on the world. We want to push it with our arms outstretched. The world is big. It’s heavy. It doesn’t like to move sometimes. So what do we do?

When I was little I used to mow the lawn. Sometimes the grass would be prevalent enough that we would take smaller swaths at a time. The grass would still get mowed even if we did do it in smaller strips.

While playing football we would push the sled. It was big and heavy and didn’t like to move just like the world, but we had to push as a team. If we didn’t the sled wouldn’t slide straight. It would be difficult indeed for one person to push the sled by themselves.

How do these examples relate to changing the world? Maybe we can’t push the whole world at a time, but we can help a small section of it at a time. Most people’s scope of influence is fairly limited. Even though we have the resources to reach almost the entire world with today’s technology, who is going to listen to us? Well, whatever part of the world listens, hopefully they are better for it.

Even though by ourselves we may not feel like we have much influence as a team we can influence a greater number of people. What if everyone posted positive news; great stories with inspiring messages. The PewResearchCenter says that, “30% of the general population” get their news from Facebook. If you are tired of only hearing bad news read and post good news.

The internet has plenty of inspiring stories. One of my favorite sites is trailrunnermag.com. It’s a good site that normally doesn’t have immoral advertisements sickening its pages.

Let’s put good news out there. Let’s give people a reason to read.


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